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Food is Fuel for our bodies but also our Planet …..

Food however incredible is a huge contributor to waste on our wonderful planet and this is why here at Greenline we make sure such waste is disposed of in the best possible way, and you cannot get any better then turning food waste into a renewable energy source.
Food waste in the commercial world happens daily, it is sadly unavoidable –  from restaurant or Cafe leftovers, to supermarket out of date rejects, to catering scraps or even football or concert waste, but we want to avoid landfill getting even bigger, so we make sure all food waste goes to the best place. We will determine what bins and service you need from us, then upon collection we take your food waste to specialist disposal plants, it is then broken down and converted into energy which powers homes or business premises, this is possible because when food is broken down it produces methane gas, this gas is collected then converted into biogas, this can then be used in electricity, heat, and gas which is used by the National Grid or transportation fuels. Food waste can also be turned into fertiliser for crops which then go on to feed the country in so many ways. Its incredible what can be achieved with food waste.
As a business you have a responsibility to our planet to reduce your negative impact on the environment, you need to look after this incredible planet that gives you an opportunity to thrive daily. By booking your food waste collections with us, you will not only be giving back to the environment but you will also be saving yourself money, and lets be honest as a business that’s a huge priority.
We take waste responsibility very seriously, Greenline is the only way. Together we can make our environment a better one. Contact us today.
Author: Greenline Environmental

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