Office Waste Clearance Services in London

Responsible and Hassle-free Office Clearance

Whether you need junk removal or entire office clearance services in London, our professional team will ensure all your office waste is cleared on time and within budget. We will also arrange a time that suits you while considering accessibility issues, the use of lifts, tight spaces, and parking difficulties to ensure timely clearance of your office.

At Greenline Environmental, we understand the important role we play in managing waste responsibly. That’s why we prioritise landfill avoidance, and all waste and junk removed from your office will be sent to be repurposed, recycled or disposed of responsibly. We even specialise in the removal of WEEE waste.

For added convenience, we also offer flexible ‘out of hours’ slots and larger, fast removal teams for clearing offices in London. Booking a collection is easy, call our team on 0800 644 1248 for a quote, agree on the price and arrange the time.

Different Types Of Office Waste

Every business generates different types of office junk and waste over time, and it helps to know exactly what we are dealing with for effective collection and disposal, as well as for successful office clearance. These can include:

• Office furniture, such as desks, chairs, tables, sofas, etc.
• Confidential waste, such as financial records, customer and employee records, business proposals and plans, etc
• WEEE waste, such as laptops, personal computers, printers, telephones, lamps, fridges, coffee machines, etc
• Paper and cardboard waste, such as notepads, printing paper, storage boxes, etc
• General waste, such as food packaging and scraps, non-recyclable plastics, items and packaging
• Recyclable office waste, such as plastic bottles, tins and cans, glass bottles and jars, etc.
• Hazardous waste, such as aerosols, bulbs, batteries, paints and solvents, sanitary and chemical waste, etc.

Feel free to contact us if you need any help. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you with your office clearance needs, as well as any other questions you may have.

Our Office Clearance and Disposal Services

Reliable and Prompt Collections

We understand that every business has different needs and requirements. That’s why our services can be scheduled at a time that suits you. Our office clearances are always planned ahead of time to ensure minimal disruption to you and your neighbouring offices. This means considering accessibility issues, access to lifts, tight spaces around the building, or parking complications to ensure a timely office clearance. We also offer flexible ‘out of hours’ slots and larger, fast removal teams. Contact us for more information.

Clear and Competitive Pricing

Save time and money with our clear, simple, yet competitive pricing. Our office clearance service delivers the best value for money, and all prices are set on application. There are no hidden fees or confusing billings, so you can rest assured knowing that you are only paying for the services you actually need.

Responsible Waste Management

All of our waste collection and disposal services include a full audit trail, allowing you to track your office junk from collection to disposal for better transparency and accountability. But that’s not all – we’re also committed to landfill avoidance, putting sustainability at the forefront of every service we offer. This means the office waste we collect gets repurposed, recycled, or disposed of responsibly, helping you make a positive contribution to the environment and your business.

Other Office Waste Clearance and Disposal Services

We also offer other types of business waste collection and disposal services to meet all of your waste management needs. Whether you need to dispose of WEEE waste, trade waste, or hazardous waste, our dedicated team will put together a service that suits you best.

The Greenline Way

Reliable and prompt office clearance
Two person removal team
Simple, clear and competitive pricing
 Full audit trail from collection to disposal
Landfill avoidance, we take our responsibility seriously – reuse, recycle and repurpose

Frequently asked trade waste questions

  • What is considered office waste?

    Office waste can mean anything that is no longer required or used by the business. This includes broken or outdated furniture, old electronics and devices (also called e-waste), and general waste like food scraps, paper, and plastic. Depending on the type of business, it could even be hazardous materials like asbestos, paints and solvents, or medical equipment.

  • Are you licensed and insured for office clearance?

    Our professional team is fully insured to take care of your office clearance needs. Let us know if you’d like to see them. We also meet all legal requirements – we’re licensed by the Environment Agency under the Waste Regulations (for England and Wales) 2011. A copy of our valid licence can be found here.

  • How much does office clearance cost?

    We can provide a quote based on the information you tell us about the items which need clearing. Photos will also help us to understand the amount of time it will take us to clear your offices.

  • How can I organise an office for clearance?

    Identify an area for items which are not to be cleared. For larger items, clear stickers attached to the item will help our team to easily see which whether it needs to be left or cleared.

    Office Clearance Enquiries

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    Office Clearance Options

    • Small Load


      Volume: 1 cubic yard
      Load Approx: Roughly equivalent to 2 domestic washing machines

      x 2

    • Medium Load


      Volume: 2 cubic yards
      Load Approx: Roughly equivalent to 4 domestic washing machines

      x 4

    • Large Load


      Volume: 4 cubic yards
      Load Approx: Roughly equivalent to 8 domestic washing machines

      x 8

    • X Large Load


      Volume: 6 cubic yards
      Load Approx: Roughly equivalent to 12 domestic washing machines

      x 12

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