Waste Recycling in London

Budget smart and environmentally friendly

Recycling is the quickest and most efficient way to remove waste, save money and be environmentally friendly. Creating waste is unavoidable but not all waste has to end up in landfill. By separating out material which can be recycled in to a separate bin you can reduce the budget you spend on waste removal whilst also benefitting the environment.

Our team will help you to work out how many bins you need whether you operate from single premises or multiple locations. We’ll also help you to decide on the frequency of collections required for your trade waste and commercial business recycling. From daily to weekly, bi-weekly to monthly collections, we’ll help you to choose the solution which fits your business.

Booking a collection is easy, call our team on 0800 644 1248 for a quote, agree the price and arrange the time.

The Greenline way

Reliable commercial wheelie bin collections
Range of bin sizes from 240l to 1100l
Flexible collections
Simple and clear pricing
Full audit trail
Landfill avoidance, we take our responsibility seriously – reuse, recycle and repurpose


Frequently asked recycling questions

  • What items can be recycled?

    Dry mixed recycling items; cardboard, glass, plastic, metal and paper can all be put in the same bin and collected together. This reduces the amount of space needed to store the rubbish. In most workplace environments your recycling bin will be full of paper, boxes, food packaging, drinks cans and bottles.

  • What happens to my recycling after collection?

    All bins are taken to sorting plants where the materials are all separated out. From there they are sold and eventually become new pieces of paper, clothes or plastic containers. Most importantly, they don’t go into landfill.

    Recycling Enquiries

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    What size bin do I need?

    • 240L Bin


      Volume: 240 Litres
      Height: 107cm
      Depth: 74cm
      Width: 59cm

      2 - 4 bin bags

    • 360L Bin


      Volume: 360 Litres
      Length: 110cm
      Depth: 87cm
      Height: 62cm

      4 - 6 bin bags

    • 660L Bin


      Volume: 660 Litres
      Height: 120cm
      Depth: 77cm
      Width: 136cm

      8 - 10 bin bags

    • 1100L Bin


      Volume: 1100 Litres
      Height: 130cm
      Depth: 107cm
      Width: 136cm

      17 - 19 bin bags

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