Event Skip Hire in London

For rubbish which leaves the site with a skip

Our team will work with you from the early stages of planning your event to give you the confidence that your event will end as clean and tidy as it started. We’ll look at the size and length of your event to advise you on the number and types of skips and bins you will need. We will create a bespoke event ship hire package to assist with event waste. As well as guidance on how frequently you’ll require collections.

Whether you need a full waste management service or just want to order a skip for a day, we’re here to help.

We are a fully licensed waste carrier committed to reducing the amount of waste which ends up in landfill. We only use waste transfer stations which share our commitment to re-use, recycle and reduce landfill.

We offer fully bespoke packages for events of all sizes, to discuss your plans and how we can keep your event rubbish free please call our team on 0800 644 1248

The Greenline way

Reliable collections
Range of skip sizes available
Flexible collections
Simple and clear pricing
Full audit trail
Landfill avoidance, we take our responsibility seriously – reuse, recycle and repurpose

Frequently asked skip hire questions

  • What size skip do I need?.

    The easiest way to work out the skip size you need is to think how many standard black bin bags your rubbish will fill. Always over estimate as to be transported safely skips need to be level filled. We cannot remove a skip if it is overflowing. See our handy guide below or give our team a call if you need help working out the best skip size for you.

  • What can I put in a skip?

    You can put almost anything in a skip making it the perfect waste removal option for construction sites, home renovations and garden clearances. There are a number of things which cannot be placed in a skip; fridges/freezers, paint, batteries and tyres are the items most commonly asked about. Check our blog for a full list of items not permitted in skips. If you need to get rid of any of these items contact us directly and we’ll talk you through your options.

  • What will happen to my rubbish?

    We are proud of our commitment to 100% landfill diversion. We have selected a number of fully licensed, local waste transfer partners who share this commitment. When your waste arrives at the waste transfer station is is emptied and sorted. Garden waste could end up as compost, building site bricks are used in new building projects, some waste is even converted into energy. As much as possible is re-used or recycled. When we collect your skip you will be issued with a signed Duty of Care which will confirm where your waste is being taken to and that it is being handled within the legal guidelines set out by the Environment Agency.

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    What size skip do I need?

    • 6 Yard Skip


      Volume: 6 Yard
      Length: 260cm
      width: 152cm
      Height: 122cm

      max 65 bin bags

    • 8 Yard Skip


      Volume: 8 Yard
      Length: 370cm
      width: 170cm
      Height: 130cm

      max 80 bin bags

    • 12 Yard Skip


      Volume: 12 Yard
      Length: 370cm
      width: 178cm
      Height: 168cm

      max 120 bin bags

    • 20 Yard RORO


      Volume: 20 Yard
      Length: 607cm
      width: 223cm
      Height: 162-169cm

      max 440 bin bags

    • 40 Yard RORO


      Volume: 40 Yard RORO
      Length: 607cm
      width: 223cm
      Height: 162-169cm

      max 440 bin bags

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