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How Much Does a Portaloo Hire Cost and What Does It Include?

Portaloos, also known as porta-potties, are self-contained portable toilets that are used for short- and longer-term uses at festivals and events, construction sites, and other outdoor activities. It is in the best interests of these businesses to manage all forms of human waste since it can lead to numerous health issues. For instance, human faeces may contain different pathogens, like bacteria and viruses, which can cause many infectious diseases, such as diarrhoea, hepatitis, etc. through both direct and indirect contact. Besides, the foul smell alone can put off many event attendees and guests.  

Furthermore, it can also mean being liable for community disturbances as well as damages and illness caused by improperly managing human waste disposal. This is why portable toilets are essential for many businesses, especially at outdoor events and on construction sites, where access to clean and hygienic facilities is necessary for their employees and event attendees, guests and staff members.


Some advantages of hiring portable toilets

Hiring portable toilets offer numerous advantages. For event organisers, portaloos provide a convenient and hygienic restroom facility for guests and event goers. It helps to reduce long lines, overcrowding and unsanitary conditions, as well as offers more privacy, which is essential in festivals and events. For construction sites, portaloos are necessary for employee welfare because workers need access to toilets and washing facilities while on the job. 

Portable toilets are typically made using polyurethane plastic, which is highly durable, weather-resistant, and can withstand heavy wear and tear. This makes them perfect for any outdoor space, while also being able to provide mobile access to clean and hygienic facilities at your site. 

Factors that affect the cost of portable toilets

The cost of hiring a portable toilet can range from £20 to £60 per week depending on many factors, including its type, quantity, demand, additional features, and so on. Below are some of the factors that affect the cost of renting portable toilets:

The type of portable toilet 

Portaloos come in many different types, from standard and disabled to luxury toilets. The type of portable toilet you choose will depend on your business needs, which will affect the cost of hire. For example, if you are organising an outdoor screening event, you can hire standard chemical toilets along with disabled ones to cater to the needs of potential event attendees and staff. For weddings and private outdoor events, you may want to hire luxury portable toilets, which are more spacious and come with more amenities than regular ones. 

Standard chemical portaloos are the most affordable and basic option that is suitable for many businesses. It can also come with extra features such as baby changing stations, hot water sinks, and mains connected to an existing sewerage system, eliminating the need for manual waste emptying. 

The number of portaloos you need

The cost of hiring will also be affected by the number of portable toilets required—the more portaloos you need, the higher the cost. The quantity is usually determined by the type and the number of people who intend to use it. If you are organising an event for 500 guests, for instance, you can hire 1 portable toilet per 30 persons. However, you also need to take into account other factors, such as the ratio of men to women, the length of the event, the food and drink served, and even the weather. 

For building sites, this will be different. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), it is recommended to have 1 portable chemical toilet for every 7 employees working a 40-hour week. This can also vary depending on the number of men and women who work at the site. 

Duration of use

The price of renting a portable toilet will also depend on how long it is needed. Portaloos are typically hired for a short duration, like during a weekend festival, but they can also be rented for longer periods of time, like for building projects, which can take months to complete. 


The location of the event or construction site can also affect the overall cost of hiring portable toilets. For example, if the location is remote or difficult to access, the cost of delivery and pickup will be higher. Similarly, if there is a higher or lower demand for portaloos in a specific location, the cost of hiring portable toilets will reflect this. 

Additional features

The price of renting a portable toilet can also be influenced by extra features offered by the hiring company, such as lights, washbasins, hot water, hand sanitisers, dryers, deodorizers, composting options, etc. While some of these amenities may be optional, others can be essential for maintaining a hygienic and pleasant restroom experience for guests or workers, especially portaloos with wash basins and hot water at building sites. 


What is included in the portable toilet hire?

When you hire portaloos, several services are included in the cost. These can often include:

Delivery and collection

The price of hiring a portable toilet also includes the cost of delivery and pickup. The rental company will handle the delivery and collection, and the price will vary based on the location and duration of the hire. This service can also be flexible and tailored to meet businesses needs, allowing you to change the delivery and pickup date and times in case circumstances change, such as bad weather, change in schedule, etc. 

Cleaning and maintenance

Portable toilets must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, at least once a week, to ensure that they remain functional and safe to use, especially when hired for long periods of time. The frequency of cleaning, however, will depend on many factors, such as the duration of hire, the number of users, and even the outdoor conditions. For instance, portable toilets used at a construction site will need cleaning more frequently than ones used at a nature reserve or park. In addition to cleaning, portable toilets may require maintenance services such as repairs and part replacements time and again. 

Full audit trail

Hiring a portable toilet should also include a full audit trail that includes a detailed record of all services provided, such as toilet cleaning and maintenance, delivery and collection, and toiletries provided. This record can also include the date and time of service, the name of the technician who performed the service, and any notes or observations regarding the portable toilet’s condition. A full audit trail is very important for transparency and accountability, so it is important that you choose a rental service that offers a full audit trail and accurate records of all services provided from beginning to end. 

Environmental responsibility

Improper human waste disposal can have a significant impact on the environment. So it is essential to choose a portable toilet hire company that practises sustainability in their operations, such as using energy-efficient vehicles and equipment as well as responsible waste management such as landfill avoidance, recycling, reusing, repurposing and so on. This can be especially important for companies working to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. 

Portable toilets are a convenient and cost-effective solution for any businesses that are looking for short-term, or even longer-term, solutions for proper human waste disposal and management. There are many factors that can affect the hiring cost of a portable toilet, from budget and duration of use to additional features you are looking for. If you need help finding out the number of portaloos you require or have any other inquiries, click here to contact us.

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