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Business clearance tips

There are various good reasons why you might want to give your workplace in London or nearby a good spring clean. Perhaps you want to make more productive use of the space you’ve been given, or just do your bit for the planet by recycling. Whatever your own reasons, here are some good introductory tips for clearing out an office or construction site.

Carefully plan different aspects of an office clearance

If it’s an office that you’re eager to tackle, you should first note down each of the office’s areas and rooms that you will clear out – and figure out how long it should take you to tackle each of them. Then, ensure your efficient organisation by deciding where you will gather together the items to donate, those to recycle and those to archive.

However, don’t make any final decisions here without seeking the opinions of others within the organisation – we’d advise sticking to a representative from each department. If the reason for the clear out is that you’re preparing to move to a new office, consider the new office’s design when trying to discern what to keep and what to discard. You should keep in mind, for example, that the new office might not offer quite as much storage space.

Allow us to come and dispose of unwanted items

At Greenline Environmental, we offer office clearance services that can take care of office furniture, computer towers, photocopiers, filing cabinets and any other electrical waste. Our friendly and professional clearance teams can remove and load that waste and then transport it to licensed sites for recycling or reuse – all with minimum disruption to your company’s routine corporate operations. It’s easy to contact us for a free quote.

We can handle construction site clearance, too

But what if it’s a construction site that you’re intent on clearing? We can help with that, too. Whatever you want us to clear and remove from the site, we can take it to authorised and licensed sites, putting it on the path to reuse and recycling. However, before you read further about our construction site clearance services, there’s something else that you need to think about if you’re seeking a clearance in order to have the site developed.

Fight for… other people’s rights

To be more specific, you should make sure that, in developing that site, you won’t be infringing on anyone else’s legal rights. These include public rights – those are rights to which the public at large are entitled – and private rights, which can include rights held by someone with a proprietary interest adjoining or near your construction site to be cleared.

Public rights include the right of pedestrians to frequently pass highways without hindrance and charge, while private rights of way can include easements benefitting a piece of land, called the dominant land, over another land piece owned by someone else. Violating legal rights can lead you to incur junctions or damages or even, in the case of public rights, prosecution. Therefore, averting such violating is clearly desirable!.

Author: Greenline Environmental

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